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TikTok Lead Generation Enable enterprises to obtain customer information

 Tiktok has just created its own version of Facebook's lead ads, announcing a new advertising feature with its own wild idea: lead generation. How it works: when users see your ad, they click "register now" to take it to the form without leaving tiktok. Does it work for me? TikTok has published two case studies on brands that have been successful in Lead Ads, one of which is e-commerce platform and the other is perfume manufacturer. In short, this is a promising new format, especially when you are engaged in e-commerce. When companies join tiktok, they can expect a truly original way to connect with the customers they care about and become part of their culture. Tiktok is a place where an enterprise can expand its customer base and increase its revenue impact through its immersive, vertical, short format video format. Today, we are pleased to launch lead generation, tiktok's first-party solution, to help businesses attract customers and easily drive transformation. No

Tiktok online video editor April 2021 tiktok official latest edition can be edited with browser

 Not long ago, making influential brand video content was expensive and time-consuming. To shoot a short video, you need a complete production team, equipment, venue, talent, and usually weeks or months of pre - and post production. For enterprises without large creative teams or marketing budgets, these costs are usually too high. Tiktok changed that. Not only by providing intuitive in app shooting and editing tools (everyone can easily make tiktok with a few clicks), but also through the unique culture generated by our community, in which simplicity and authenticity are maintained is too perfect. This novel short video new method opens a new world for big and small brands, reduces cost barriers, and gives them more creativity, creativity, expressiveness, the freedom to show the weird side and try new things. The reward for companies that have embraced this change is that they are more connected to their customers than ever before. Today, we are happy to simplify this process for our